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THE 10 MINUTE TWISTED UPDO | Natural Hairstyle

Tutorial on a quick protective style I came up with while playing around in my hair. Hope you like!

* NEW * Boss Bang + Twisted Knot Style –

My Wash + Stretch Routine –

-Products Used-
Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla Leave In –
EcoStyler Olive Oil Gel –


Annjellica Barrett says:

I did this style

Sarah Darah says:

Thanks. I love that.

Rehema Nkisi says:

such a cutie…love it yes it wad helpful . thanks.

Stacy Saint Albord says:

How you grow up your hair please?

Winta Assefa says:

Damn. That's pretty

MsWillita8 says:

Who's here in 2020 to find a cute, but simple look since we are stuck in our homes?

lindawood jeezy says:

Very nice! Thank you for sharing.

Bishop Charles W Talbert says:

My husband found your hairstyle for me years ago its still my favorite way to air dry on washday!

T Hutch says:

I did this style today. Thank you.

oHmega14 says:

Love this style!! Would totally try… if my sorry a** could cornrow lol

MsAmazon511 says:

One of my go to hairstyles

Dee Vah says:

That would look great with a gown or even jeans. Love it.

Jamaica Scott says:


Damitria Morris says:

Beautiful style. That's how you do natural hair. I have nothing against people that add extensions to their hair; however, when I'm searching for natural hairstyles I'm looking for ideas of how to style what I already have…like this! Would like to see more design ideas from you. Thank you much. ❤ ❤ ❤


I really like this style!

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