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Kay Cee says:

To encourage you…(and please, share):
Remember that Jesus loves you and He's coming soon.

If you have not made a decision to follow Him, don't wait because tomorrow is
promised to no one.
Satan wants us to believe we have all the time in the world, when we actually don't.
Even he knows his time is short (Revelation 12:12)

Lastly, the National Sunday Law is about to be enforced upon us. It involves the Mark of the Beast. The Beast, which is Rome (Papacy) is a religious & political system, which also includes the Pope and those who support the teachings of Rome. Their sign of authority or seal is Sunday observance because they admit that Sunday worship is their mark of great power
and they claim to have authority over the Bible (Daniel 7:25; Revelation 13:6) (see Catholic Record, Sept.1, 1923).

They will seek to enforce false worship on all. (See Revelation 13). It is their plan to force all to come together, and to worship on the 1st day of the week (Sunday) and have that as the ONLY DAY of worship. They want everyone to forsake God's law (which includes keeping the Sabbath) and force all to accept man's tradition. (Colossians 2:8)
When it is *enforced*, after people would have fully understood that they are to keep God's law, including the Sabbath and they still accept Sunday worship INSTEAD of accepting the Seventh Day Sabbath (Saturday) as the Lord's Day and only true day of worship that was ORDAINED by God HIMSELF, they will receive the mark of the Beast.
The system seeks to promote false worship.
Sunday sacredness is Rome's mark of power or sign of allegiance. However, God's seal/stamp is found only one place, and it's in His 10 commandments, specifically the 4th one. He wrote them with His own fingers, (see Exodus 20:8-11; 31:13-18; Mark 2:27,28; Revelation 14:7; Revelation 7:1-4)
God's seal, like any other seal has 3 components: name, title, territory. The 4th commandment has that too.

It tells us the Name, the Title and Territory.
Name: Lord thy God
Title: Creator
Territory: Heaven and Earth.

So only those who truly love God will keep all His commandments and will be sealed for Him, for eternity. (See James 2:10; Revelation 12:17)

So, it's our duty to keep God's ten commandments, including the 4th which talks about the Sabbath because the Sabbath will be the final test of man's loyalty to God. We have to choose 1 side & preparation starts from right now.
Those who receive God's seal will be saved & live with God eternally BUT those who receive the mark of the Beast will be destroyed for ever because they reject the truth and the law of God (Revelation chapters 20-22)

It has always been about worship.
Now is the time to be serious about our soul, and not to believe in false doctrine, but to accept God's truth from the Bible (see Isaiah 8:19,20).

By God's grace, let us be ready for the time that is just before us. We can only stand during that time by the help of the Holy Spirit (Zechariah 4:6)

Jedoue Officiel says:

Edges is beautiful

Latifah Maarbach says:

What is the song from 7:46 ?

Queen Tia says:

That blue magic is the bomb bby

courtney parrish says:

Im sick of the tongue thing, damn just do your hair.

Miss Understanding says:

Creativity at its best!!!

Allure Dunn says:

Nicely done ladies

Stephanie Shaffer says:

Go head ladies… I love these styles.



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