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Mini Twists on Natural Hair


** Instagram: @ina90skindofworld
** TikTok: @ina90skindofworld

Products Used:
Mizani True Textures Perfect Coil Oil Gel
Murrays Edge Wax
All gold accessories are from Exchange Beauty Supply


Stephanie Bracey says:

Natural hair diaster…. Ouch…mixed hair.. hassle's….NexT

IamHeatherJaee says:

Looks like a younger Tami Roman from bbw

boss girl says:

You look so pretty

Kimora D says:

What is the remix of your always on my mind used in the video?

Tracy Austin says:

U made me wanna dance at the end lol

Journey 2 Freedom says:

They turned out so well. Just so I’m clear….you didn’t put any product in your hair?

AM MR says:

A lot of hair

Aliya Props says:

So pretty!!✨

T B says:

These are so gorgeous !

Savanna V. says:

You can also pull the rubber bands and literally just break them at the top, doesn’t hurt

Jaime Reynolds says:

Loving your brows

Sylvia Smith says:

Very cute love twist.

Ell x says:

so beautiful !!!

Meya Warren says:

She looks like Liza Koshy and raven Simone

Aja Wright says:

This twist style is to cute!!!!

beriigirl says:

Did u use heat to stretch your hair?

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