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6 Quick & Easy Natural Hairstyles I Short/Awkward Length

** O P E N O P E N O P E N **

Hey babessssss!

So this is just a quick video on some of my go to hairstyles that I do on my natural hair. They’re all pretty quick and easy. Normally I would define my curls some more and fleek up my edges and add a scarf but nobody had time for that in this video lol.

**In this video my hair is in an old wash and go so the white stuff is just some dried up gel that needed to be washed out.

Thanks for stopping by!

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– Big Chop May 19th 2016
– Natural for 7 months now!
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Tybriesia Blocker says:

Can't wait for these on you now!!!!

Simply Shaye says:

I've big chopped twice in 3 yrs and have never been able to get out of the awkward length stage before ruining my hair hopefully this time around it'll be different

Folasade Akinla says:

Luv this low puff was my fave

Yahnee DaGemini says:

Never heard the full version of this song before

Myaa says:

I wish my hair was at the awkward stage alreadyy !!!

Latochia Moore says:

I know i'm late, but i love 1 & 6. Just went natural last week, new sub xoxo!

Cgf Reacts says:

french prince oh mygirl thanks for the memories new subbie plus your hair length is almost next to mine so hoping to learn cute hairstyles from your channel dear and may retry them on my channel nice to meet your channel! the two puffs looked great but u slayed them all nice!

Vegan meals for 2 says:

Not an awkward length hair to me; I can't wait to get to this length!

Fifi's Corner says:

U have nice hair. I don't have alot of hair and I havevery short hair and also I can't cornrow I'm fudged

Naturally Sharon says:

Hey…Did you do these styles on a twist out?

Ariela Thomas says:

Sigh i cant do nth with my hair its so short nd its so frustrating.. And i can only put in braids and weaves on holidays siggh

Deshea Coleby says:

Omgosh I have the hardest time trying to figure out what to do with my hair. It's frustrating because the front is thick and about of you hair in this video and the back is short and thin and I feel no style I try I pull off but your styles so cute so I'm gonna give it another try (for the umpteen time lol)

ApplezNBerriez says:

You Go Girl…

Lori Jasmine says:

What do you have in your bottle? Isn't it like water, and some type of oil??

Kenya Akbar says:

great video and this song fireee

Melodie says:

What's the name of this remix?

Mary-Dominique K says:

+1 follower

Kaileann Halls says:

whats awkward about this length? your hair does not need to be long to be acceptable ….

CandyYamz89 says:

I just BC and we have the same hair! Plus The Fresh Prince is bae! New Subbie!

MsSkaterbaby92 says:

I think we have different definitions of short and awkward hair length

Guerlecie Sejour says:

how u get ur curls like that ??

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