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Natural Hairstyles For Mixed Chicks

Natural Hairstyles for Mixed Chicks & Black Women
These hairstyles are easy and not too much tension on the hair!


Perm Rod Set For Natural Hair | LiaLeigh
Natural Hair Medium Length


Teyana Taylor K.T.S.E. | REACTION

The Secret’s OUT!

FashionNova Men … Thoughts???



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LiaLeigh says:

Welcome & Welcome Back! I hope yal enjoy this video! I love you all and thank you for all of the support!

Kae Chanel says:

I always thought u was blasian lol

Alaysia Davis says:

Her hair is SO NICEEEE

Christian Kalimah says:

Yaw need to chill she said that cuz she mixed not to offend anybody that is bot mixed and she never said yaw had to be mixed to do this style like do yaw anything better to do than just start crap up

Swimdunkin Always says:

Dear jesus this woman is fine as hell! I'm damn near ready to comb my dreads out after watching your videos.

nicole ashley says:

" for mixed chicks " is just unnecessary period

Tayler Renee says:

The title of your video is such a turn off.

GIa Hepburn says:

I don't understand why everyone is catching feelings. I understand that mixed people are more popular media wise in the natural hair community and to those of us who aren't mixed are usually pushed aside but all you have to do is ignore it. Your opinion isn't needed on any and everything imagine if you were a mixed girl commenting on a youtube video which was titled 'Natural hairstyles for Black women' and saying something like "oh, why is it that the title? what about people who are mixed?" it sounds silly correct? I am not disregarding the fact that yes those of lighter complexion and looser curls are more favored but looking back on it, it's really just people preferring features which are closer to white people instead of black features. Yes, the movement was created for black women who have tighter curls but if we can title our videos as 'for black women' I see no reason why she can't title it 'for mixed chicks' It helps people to differentiate based on curl patterns. Some people need it to be differentiated so that they can understand if it would help them or not. The curl pattern has nothing to do with this however because its simply about hairstyles which everyone, mixed or not can do. If you don't like or appreciate the title move on. Either way she's still gaining views from you all who are hurt in the comments.

Camille Fowler says:

I wonder if all the hair tutorials titled "natural hairstyles for black women" get the same amount of heat. Ya'll wanna praise "black natural hair" as you should, but attacked somebody for creating a video for "mixed hair". This maybe beneficial for a non black mom to learn how to do their "mixed kids" hair. yall so bothered :/

Ashleigh Clarke says:

Half black half Mexican ?

Kim Booker says:

Your hair has grown so much! Cute styles.

sleepydawg12 says:

Ya’ll really wanna be offended so badly LMAO shut the hell up it’s not that serious

Chipmunk Red says:

I hate that I even clicked on this video. Because you knew what you were doing when you made the title. What's the point in saying mixed? True you may be mixed but what did that have to do with the hair tutorial? I'm pretty sure you're aware that many woman of color black and mixed have hair just like yours. Which leads me to believe you only put "mixed" in the title for clicks. A simple natural hair tutorial or 5 different ways to do your hair Would have sufficed. Regardless that you are mixed and have the right to say that and be proud of it. You knew that the title would upset people and get views. That's why you chose it.

I always watch your videos and support your channel. And now I'm giving you a major side eye. You don't have to resort to click bait videos in order to get views. Stay down keep making good content and your channel will grow. Pulling stunts like this only makes you look desperate. Your better than this.

Boujiebarb says:

Y’all doing too much !!! Their are videos that say “ hairstyles for black women “ or for a certain hair type ! Y’all be wanting to be so hurt for nothing ! I know lia meant no harm by her caption ! Y’all are just evil and disrespectful for nothing towards this lady .

Ivy Evans says:

Your hair is growing so pretty!!

Dee Jay says:

I expected her hair to look like at least like Chilli or Lipstickncurls

Dee Jay says:

Wow Im black but I was able to get my hair in the same style as this mixed lady

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