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Quick & Easy Flexi Rod Set | Wet Natural Hair | Mielle Organics

Loved how this easy flexi rod set came out! Soft bouncy curls using only ONE product!! Might be adding these into the rotation more often! I only used 17 flexi rods which made this quicker than ever! Let me know what you think! COMMENT LIKE SUBSCRIBE!

Products Used: Mielle Organics
Detangling Co-wash
Avacado Moisturizing Hair Milk

(17) Blue 9/16″ Flexi Rods


Ilisha Housch says:

Definitely going to try this style on my hair

Tegan Kelleher says:

it looks so lush

veronica k says:

Beautiful Hair..Thanks!

all about ju says:

wow! this was beautiful! definitely trying this

Ashley Ceaser says:

Me this is me lmao

Halle Wilson says:

That’s a cute hairstyle

Dominique Thomas says:

Absolutely love !!

Janet Oliver says:

Looks beautiful. Is your hair natural


I LOVE THIS. you made it look so simple. I have to try this method.

Ty Jones says:

I haven’t did my hair like this in years but I will today, pray for my arm

Bad Chick Misfit Podcast says:

Heyyyyy, I'm about to try it now

Awkd Angie says:

657 dislikes?? For what? Y'all weird, this was BOMB. COM

Zakaria Kinney says:

Does this work for relaxed hair ? ☹️

lori watkins says:

I LOVE big natural full curly hair, its beautiful….mines straight as a stick….

LaMonda Denise says:

Very Pretty

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