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3 Easy Natural Hairstyles No Braids | ItsAbeeyola

Here are 3 easy natural hairstyles for black women. these easy natural hairstyles no braid would be great for those with 4c natural hair or as natural hairstyles for work. These are also natural hair Protective hairstyles, natural hair for work hairstyles, natural hairstyles for everyday hairstyles, natural hairstyles for summer hairstyles, natural hairstyle for date night, and easy natural hairstyle for low manipulation hairstyles.

All you need is to start with detangled, stretched, moisturized natural hair.
A brush
Some bobby pins
some hairbands.

#Naturahair, #Nobraidstyles, #Type4hair


ItsAbeeyola says:

Hello YT Family, My apologies for being MIA, my new camera is in!! and I am back!! which one of these styles did you like best?

Kimberly Epps says:

I really liked styles #1 and #3 especially for summer. Thanks for posting!

vivian johnson says:

Omg your hair is beautiful.. I am so trying out this hairstyle because i can't do much with my hair at the moment

Kemi's Journey says:

Great video,the last hairstyle will definitely be trying it out!

Start With Niques says:

They all look sweet! good ideas. What camera did you get?

The Fly Foot Doctor: On The Real says:

Nice!! I have inspiration for styles now. Seems easy and quick!

Teey Vlogs says:

I'm so glued… I will be doing these styles on my baby girl…. She doesn't like braids but her hair is long.. Can't be combing everyday, thanks for the tutorial…number two is my go to style but I will definitely try the first one and the last

DiscoveringNatural says:

Although I am in cornrows now, I do want to try the first one. I shared to my community page

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