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Montanique Smith says:

I just did my baby sister hair like the third video omg i didnt know it wad gonna be the same

Ribka Ayalew says:

5:56!!1 OMG, I have never been so jealous in my life. She's sooo pretty, her hair looks so healthy and nice, and her skin is so clear and I see her with the tan(I think she has one. Sorry if I'm wrong). She needs to be a model, she would be so successful!!!

Life as asia says:

3:30 that girl is sooo freaking cuteeee❤

Tekafa Lui-Pelasio says:

When young black girls are prettier than me –

Kay Pee says:

I hate getting my hair done but I just watching hair videos even though I don't like getting my hair done

Treasure stans BTS says:

They are such cuties

Queen Sheem says:

Aww the first girl is cute

XoLeafy Bunnyxo says:

No matter how much you want your hair longer,shorter,thicker, thinner your blessed to have hair even if you don't your blessed to be a live I'm praying for you all!

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