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Amazing African Hair Braiding Compilation | 2018 Hairstyles

Extreme African Hair Braiding Compilation 💖 2018 Hairstyles

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Rosie Murrell says:

I love these hair styles I will do one in my hair but I love them all I can't make up my mind

Flor Figueroa says:

this is why I love braiding

Renee Johnson says:

That is cute as hell

Nancy Nduku says:

What's that name of that soapy like foam applied after braiding

Maricar Samar says:

This why i love black womens i loved they're hair

Baby T Is A Goddess says:

0:31 blasian?
Still pretty

LiFeAs_GaBb Y01 says:

On the first one the girl is so light on her face but her body is kinda darker

hair styles pretty says:

Đẹp quá ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Glitter Glam says:

I'm an afican and I love all the hairstyles in this video

TrixieTutu says:

Let's appreciate all races and not cornering blacks only because we all have nice the whites black hispanics and asians 🙂

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