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☆ How To: Pincurl on Mini Twists || Natural Hairstyles for Black Women || Natural Hair Tutorial

Welcome to *Alana’s Natural Hair* formerly known as *Leslile’s World*

I’m Leslile-Ann (YES with three L’s, blame my father lol) and Alana is my middle name (finally there’s a use for my middle name, why do we even have them?🤔).
Anyways, my youtube channel will be concentrated on Natural hair care, How to tutorials, Natural Hairstyles, chit chat grwm, etc. So if you’re interested go ahead and subscribe & don’t forget to share my videos with your friends.

In this video I share with you how to do pincurls on your mini twists. Whenever I want a protective style I normally get mini twists done on my own hair. I love the versatility it offers and also the fact that I’m able to see the length of my hair (& of course get some hang time).

Product used to achieve this style:
My homemade whipped shea butter mix

Shea Butter benefits:
1. Repair dry & irritated scalp
2. Provides hair protection (against harmful substances in the air, water & against harsh weather conditions)
3. Softens hair
4. Keeps moisture in your hair

Thanks for watching!
Always remember to watch in HD!


Kd D says:

Okay so I know this is two years ago but if you still have your chanel you can still appreciate this. Your minitwist are very pretty and neat and your method for a bump curl is neat too. If you want voluminous hair just spray your hair with warm water all over your hair and it looks very juicy and fills in the spaces on your scalp. Just pat dry after wetting hair so that it doesn't drip all over and let air dry or use a hooded dryer or just have your towel wrapped over your head to collect the moisture. The whole objective is just to get fuller looking twists to eliminate the sparse hair on your scalp from doing fresh twists. I know you'll love the results everyone always does. Enjoy your day.

Reina Rena says:

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Lee Loves Lentils says:

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Lee Loves Lentils says:


Melody Nelson says:

Your hair is on point. My hair is not this long yet, but this so makes me want to try. What this on heat blown out hair? I guess I should ask how do you prepare your hair for this style? Thank you

De Same says:

These mini twist are amazing Makes me wanna mini twist my hair. New subbie btw. Would love to see a video on how you do them yourself. And also how it was done on your hair. Ok, off to your other videos.

Sis Tasha says:

Did you install your own mini twist? If so do you have a video on it? New subbie here 🙂


Gone try the any time I rope twist my hair again. Can't get to rope it due to me getting obsessed with blunt ends and the twists keeps unraveling. Smh

Auntie Ash says:

ur mini twists look amazing.

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