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Natural Hairstyles For Thinning Hair | Flexi Rod Curls Updo on Fine Natural Hair | Baldness

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How I Thicken My Fine Natural Hair

Hi Subbies and Friends,

In this natural hair tutorial I am showing you how I use flexi-rods to create a soft, bouncy curly bang on my curly hair while experiencing thinning hair. I am showing some of the curly hairstyles that I have created to hide the short patches in my hair now that my thin hair is re-growing. As the thin sections of my hair re-grow from my castor oil treatments on my scalp, it has become challenging to style my Afro-textured hair. I like to wear a back bun to hide the short-patches in the back of my hair.

Castor OIL
AFRICAN Raw Shea Butter

Here are FIVE TIPS on creating hairstyles and updos on thin hair:

[1] Always keep the two textures of hair lubricated with an organic oil, such as olive oil, shea butter, grapeseed oil etc…
[2] Always include water into your daily regimen
[3] Keep up with a weekly wash routine
[4] Wear protective styles 5 days out of the week
[5] Wrap your hair up at night with a satin head scarf

Some of you have been wondering whether or not my hair has grown back in after my experience with thinning. Yes! my hair is regrowing. I have been using creativity to hide and cover the short sections in the back of my hair where the hair thinning is the most obvious. I have short-patches all throughout my hair.

Thanks for watching (:

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Amanda Warren says:

Thank you!! It's pretty too!!

Tinasophia Sample says:

IBUPROFEN thins hair too.

A Davis says:

Yes you are definitely working it, love love your confidence, new subbie

Shorrelle Kennedy says:

Very , very nice!

Jasmine Best says:

Thanks for sharing, I also experienced some thinning hair due to Alopecia Areata.

JustL says:

Thanks for sharing this tutorial. It gives me another style to try on my hair.

MissBeeline's Natural Hair says:

Very pretty

Nelly B. says:

Youtube is messing up, I now have to catch up on all the vids I missed from u, how are you hun???

Naturally Lisa B. says:

You always come up with great styles LadyTee!! 🙂

MyNaturalMyChoice says:

Hey beautiful! great video and I liked your hair style.

Living Your Best life! says:

do you know why your hair started thinning?? mine started when i got sick. hope you are ok

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