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Markiya Vallian says:

6:13 tell me why she had a house cleaner product bottle to spray her hair with

joy milly says:

I'm I the only one who saw some anime character eating noodles whiles the video was playing

Daizi Waizi Tv says:

This is the first time a hairstyle on the thumbnail has actually been in a video I watched, your goated!

Alyssa Ramos says:

I just oil my hair and throw that shit in a bun if you can't get it up dry then use water

Jamea's Life says:

3rd great protective Styles

princess jade says:

You’d think “stay home hairstyles” would be protective hairstyles.

Marina Lariane says:

Caramba não tem nenhuma brasileira aqui não?

Bryliah Wortham says:

secound srry if i miss spelled

Lakeyana Williams says:

2nd❤️❤️ okurrr❤️❤️❤️

Colombo Cedryana says:


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