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☆ How To: Cute updo for 'Lazy Naturals' 💞 | Natural Hairstyles for black women | Natural Hairstyles

Welcome to *Alana’s Natural Hair* formerly known as *Leslile’s World*

I’m Leslile-Ann (YES with three L’s, blame my father lol) and Alana is my middle name (finally there’s a use for my middle name, why do we even have them?🤔).
Anyways, my youtube channel will be concentrated on Natural hair care, How to tutorials, Natural Hairstyles, chit chat grwm, etc. So if you’re interested go ahead and subscribe & don’t forget to share my videos with your friends.

So I thought I’d share this quick updo with you guys because I adore curly hairstyles💕. This hair style literally takes like 2-5 mins (depending on how you’re tying the scarf, whether in a bow or otherwise).
This cute natural hair style is for all my ‘Lazy Naturals’ and my ‘always-on-the-go’ Sistas! 😊

*For my girls who want to make the perfect bow but don’t know how to:*
Create one side of the bow first before wrapping the other side over it. This allows you to already have one side perfectly created and just some fixing up for the other part of the bow.

Apologies for the hissing sound that you’ll hear in some parts of the video. Will work on that!

Only product used was: Eco styler gel (Argan oil one)

VenDesigns for scarves and clothing:

Remember to watch in HD!


shamoya Daley says:

hehehe… LAZY


Cuuuuutte. <3

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