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Florine Brewer says:

I get inspired by your channel so much. Everytime i get a notification about your videos i be like oop its baddest beauty and i be clicking fast!

Amaisi Nagesty says:

The first one is so beautiful

Tiffany Faison says:

Slaying please shoutout me you inspire me doing my hair so cute

Shoogy Dawg says:

My hair isn't natural but guess what


Can you do cute hairstyles for school ???
I really need that

Amir the Prophet says:

OMG Good content!keep up the good content

Jemima Ntumba says:

All of these girls have baby hair and great long hair yet I have none of that

Baby hair❎
Know how to do edges( don't even have)❎
Long hair❎

Roseny Payen says:

Do you like drip gloss if you do do you know she is prego

Perla Martinez Sanchez says:

El ultimo estuvo .. DivinO

Havanna Sands says:

Nice video y'all taught me a lot how to do my hair❤️

Cool Kids says:

I love these Hairstyles❣️❣️

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