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Shaved My Edges | How I Cover My Bald Edges + Talk Thru & Chit Chat GRWM | NATURAL HAIR UPDO CHIGNON

Shaved My Edges | How I Cover My Bald Edges Talk Thru & Chit Chat GRWM | NATURAL HAIR UPDO CHIGNON

In this video I will be showing you how I cover my bald edges after shaving my edges completely bald so they so they can grow back in fuller and thicker. I have suffered from traction alopecia and now I am ready to grow healthy edges back and make sure that they flourish.


Key Points

Emu Plus
Emu Oil
How to Cure Traction Alopecia
How to grow back your edges
How to grow back your bald spot
The best oils for traction alopecia
The best oils to grow back your hair
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natural hair
4c natural hair
how to grow back your hairline
save my edges
how to grow long black hair
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how to fill in your edges
how to grow thick edges
how to restore your edges
how to massage your scalp
how to massage your edges


Nikon D3100

Ring Light

Umbrella Lights

5500 Watts Daylight Bulbs

Seamless Background Paper…

Adobe Premiere Elements 14

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Erika Williams says:

Is there a way to preserve this hairstyle overnight?

Adasia Embry says:

Your hair is very well taken care of and healthy. I did the big chop a month ago and I spend most of my time looking at natural hair videos.

prettibrowneyez29 says:

Your hair is pretty!! May them edges come back looking fierce!

prettibrowneyez29 says:

Yaaas to Jon B!!! With his fyyyyyne self!!! I was stuck on cool relax too, but now I gotta hit up Spotify and check him out!

Linda Robinson says:

Hair is Beautiful. Too much talking.

Jacinta Howell says:

Thanks for sharing. You should try Monat. They have some clinically proven hair regrowth products that would boost the growth. Many alopecia sufferers have found that Monat helps significantly. Again, thanks for sharing!

Prisla Em says:

your hair is so healthy and beautiful! I hope your edge will grow back the way you want it to! thanks for sharing this with us and I wish you all the best!

Ttk Jinadu says:

You look fabulous, thanks for sharing

Jai B says:

you and your hair are beautiful! just subscribed keep the natural videos coming i need allllllllllll the advice lol <3

Victoria Amani says:

Your hair looks beautiful and I loved the results!

AmberReigns Supreme says:

Yes with the 90s music! I love it! I was born in 88 but grew up in the 90 like you! I love Jon b also. I still blast pretty girl, whatchu say boo, they don't know, AND are you still down like they came out yesterday!! Aaliyah is my boo also! Lol. Classic music!

Alexis Jones says:

You should look at green beauty's channel about how to grow out edges lost from traction slope is. Her tips are all supported by science and facts, and I really think this will help after you shaved it since you have a lot more access to that area

Keshnie says:

imma come back everytime you post a video to send your strenght & positivity, you look gorgeous and this journey is worth it. xo

Shawna Caramel Leo says:

I was about to say Jon B from back in the day whaaat lol loved him

020ctmarie says:

I’m obsessed with 90s music too! Especially the slow jamz lol I love me some Jon B, Jodeci, mint condition, mya, girl it’s too many to name lol And lately I’ve been really gravitating towards new music with a throwback feel. Check out dvsn if you haven’t already. The song POV and Too Deep are my faaavvvs

On another note, your hair is really filling in nicely where you shaved it! You’re blessed your hair is so thick you can cover it rather easily lol

R0YALT1 says:

What stunning hair!


C'est super joli, j'aime beaucoup ta coiffure. Gros bisous

Nia Nicole says:

Your hair looks so healthy! Really cute hairstyle! Cannot wait to see more

Just Safi says:

Girl I love me some Jon B. His music is always been on my radar. There is not a lot of good music like that out there now. Great video love the hairstyle.

Maureen Njanga says:

It's growing back nicely !!

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