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Sooo Ive finally taken down my braids, got a relaxer and was able to create a video for both my relaxed and natural girls who are looking to see how to style hair in the army, how to style hair while in basic training or different army hairstyles in general. These are the styles that I wear on an everyday basis in my army life. As armyprinnces I dont like to wear my hair in the boring bun like everyone else so Ive come up with my own army hairstyles for short hair because I do have shoulder length relaxed hair.

Let me know how you like these looks by commenting below….

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Teala Tucker says:

I wish I could message you about my hair. I’m white but my hairs super curly and thick. I’m lost on how to practice my hair for basic

Destiny Payne says:

Can I have starter locs during basic training?

JC Pickett says:

Can you always wear a think black headband?

Mariel Molina says:

I would love to go to the military after I graduate from high school

Dominique Johnson says:

Hello, I have a quick question. Can I come to basic training with braids(with weave) or I have to wait til I get there? And are they going to give is a blow dryer?

Breana McDonald says:

My 1SGT said I couldn't wear a side part because it says "Each [braid] must have the same approximate size of spacing between the braids, cornrows, twists, or locks." Is this true? I've been wearing two braids with a side part for 3 years and he is the first to tell me this is incorrect.

Ałyssâ says:

If I attempt to slick my hair and can I leave it as a small puff or I have to make it in a bun?

Khadijah Benson says:

I am preparing for basic training. My hair is 4inches 4C and very thick. I can not braid but I can do twists. I want a hairstyle with as little maintence as possible. What do you recommend ??

It’s a secret cap * says:

I wish I could have my hair longer than 3 inches

Jay R says:

Can you wear a halo braid in basic training ?

Hey Guys says:

Will they let you flat irom your hair during the week? Or just on sundays?

αlιуαн says:

Can you relax your hair in BCT? Like bring it with you or have it sent?

Latonya Railey says:

My hair is super short and doesn’t grow at all. Any tips?

Faye Parker says:

If you put your hair in a low ponytail does it have to be a certain length???

Jazz Black Valcin says:

How often do u deploy?

Keivonna Knight says:

My drill sergeants wouldn’t go for none of these hairstyles

Angilia Jackson says:

Nice video thanks for sharing! I was wondering with the two strand twist and the two braids to the back, would I be allowed to end the braid/ twist at the nape of my neck and then put the rest of my hair into a regular donut bun instead? So it would be braided/twisted along the sides , but ending with a nice clean bun?

Jeffrey Bergeron says:

I have a few female JROTC cadets that have a lot of hair.  What do you recommend they do to put their hair up when they wear the JROTC uniform?

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