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I Did A Twist Out on My Natural Hair Using Black Owned Brands! | Bri Hall

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⋆ MY LATEST SINGLE → Hereafter x La Hara
Outro → My Song Hereafter x La Hara

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Thanks for watching Twistout on My Natural Hair Using Black Owned Brands! | Bri Hall


Linseey says:

I loooove so much the intro song. Can I have her name please 🙂

Nathalia Simone says:

Heyy can we have an eyeshadow tutorial on both looks or at least the first one please & thanks!

Lydia Sutton says:

I needa find a new edge gel help me outttt

Alayhe McFarland says:

Do you still draw?

Mary Ambi says:

Eyeshadow looks are gorgeous

Casandra Singleton says:

Are you gonna drop the blue flaxseed gel video

LeShea White says:

Love your twistout

Nolo R says:

Had no idea you were type four

aehope14 says:

could you do a video on how you shape your hair? !!!

lona Bennette says:

Yes darling curls are poppin!

Naturally Neidg says:

yaaallll I have been watching Bri since she was SMARTISTA BEAUTY; on God home girl inspired me to hop on a beautiful natural hair Journey. And now a Youtube Channel love love her! Please support her and her excellence !

Temperance Hope says:

That orange and pink look is gorgeous on you.

SheRea DelSol says:

This hair is EVERYTHING!

Elizabeth Johnson says:

Are you going to try Melanin Haircare's new leave-in? Great video! I love the makeup looks also!

Natural Hair N Skin Care says:

Love the volume!

Ryann Jhane says:

that sponsor transition was cute af lollll (hits subscribe)

Ryann Jhane says:

you remind me of a fem version or syd from the internet (insert heart eyes)

Jasmin Inez says:

How do you not get flaking with flaxseed gel??!! It always flakes in my hair.

Tanasia J. says:

I can’t do a twist out with small twists like this. You have so much hair

Amira Smith says:

I want to know about the culture shock if any from moving from the dmv to l.a.

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