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Why You Shouldn't Touch Black Womens Hair

Should you touch a black womans hair? Watch this video to find out today! (While we do makeup too, of course)

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Rikke says:

Honestly don't touch nobody's hair.

Filza Noor Rani says:

I’m in Australia, there’s aloooot of racism here happening every single day. People just say “there isn’t any” coz they haven’t experienced it.

Jessica vlogs says:

I have never understood peoples fascination with touching other peoples hair.

Amber Jackson says:


T says:

I feel like it's a known rule to not touch black ladies hair??? They put hella work into it and it's expensive!!! But This reminded me of being in school… black girls LOVED to play with my hair but it was because it was super long.. and they would always give me supper pretty braids 🙂 PAINFUL braids tho

Sade Rashad says:

My air bnb host in india was alllll up in my hair, She actually slapped my hand away. And there was a language barrier… according to google translate she was trying to ask me if it was my hair since childhood

Brotha on an Adventure says:

I think this has to do with a lack of exposure to the spectrum of hair types. Its natural to be curious about things different from you, but boundaries should be respected. Like you said it's not only white folk, it's just the human condition. I grew up with black women touching my hair without even speaking to me. Just walk up and stroked my hair in the shop rite. White people tugging my curls in the back of my head to watch them spring back into place. I didn't start drawing boundaries until I was an adult, and its very surprising how entitled people in general are. You tell them no and they literally want YOU to explain WHY. Shout out to Mrs. Joanne who still ain't touched my head after 8 years of asking.

Aristocrat Jules says:

Thank you for making this video!

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