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Bridal Natural Hairstyles for Black Women

This video is about Natural Hairstyles for Black Women.

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kathleen Moore says:

For some reason you seem to have this happy glow over you since you had your baby boy. It beautiful. Loving the videos btw

GeaDonna Moore says:

I don't know if you are already married if not is this a little hit to us your followers? Are you about to say I do? If so I think you will come up with something beautiful for your hair on bridal day that is if you are about to get married.

mhfmful says:

Beautiful hairstyles and beautiful music!!

Jackline Mugo says:

What is that appliance you used to pull the hair through 0:40?

Kakyire Puah says:

Hi I just love ur hair.I have been watching u for two years now but I haven't seen a video of u straightening ur hair.

Rebecca Wiaboh says:

What products do you use that makes your hair grow and look nice??

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