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NATURAL HAIRSTYLE | Rubber band Bun With Braiding Hair on Short 4c Hair😻

Watch in 1080p🙌🏼

Hi my Crowned Ones ! Here is a new bun tutorial using rubberbands and gold accessories ! Please like, comment and SUBSCRIBE!! Let’s get this video to 1000 likes 😻👑

– Murray’s edge wax extreme hold
– wetline gel
– Black rubberbands
– gold beads
– shake and go que 2x maxx volume jumbo braid ( 1 pack)

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Keala Tyson says:

When she said I couldn’t really flex on y’all I felt that

Doris P says:

This is what it's all about do your thing love it

Mary Nyambura says:

I was worried bout doing this style coz of my forehead but seeing you looking gorgeous wit it am definitely gonna try

msfreeatheart says:

This is so cute. I wish i could part well

Everybody Loves Jess says:

Cant wait to try this yes mama

Dey NM says:

You have such creative ideas!! Thank you

BrittThe5starChick says:

This looks so beautiful on youu! i wish i could do braids like that loll! Keep up the good work lovee! sending positivity your wayy

Lindamorena says:

Mi ago do dis style ya. Yasss so glad I subscribed

BushBaby Amy says:

Love this look!

Jessica says:

Thank goodness I found you!!! I have the exact hair type and believed the only thing I could rock is wigs and braids! You have given me hope! I'm definitely gonna try each and every hairstyle! Thank you so much!!!!

Oumu Taal says:

I’m transitioning rn and I’m watching these hair style videos to boost my confidence, because I just found out that I have 4c hair and tbh it discouraged me. Love your videos tho.

Aunestly Beautiful says:

Saw your video on instagram and I had to subscribe! Gonna be using this hairstyle. not as a tutorial but to wear, in my next video, and I will be sure to reference your video!

Dalila Ikache says:

i do not have 4c hair, and also i have very long hair, but i really really loveeeeeeee this hairstyle, i will try it out and hope it will work for me too

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