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Natural Hairstyles | Sleek low bun

hey yall! I thought I’d share this super quick tutorial. I have been loving this style lately. Its so easy and simple to do. I hope you guys enjoy 🙂

Link to last Video:…

– filmed with nikon D3200
-edited with Final Cut Pro

Janet Jackson – Got Til It’s Gone (Zikomo Remix)


Kymberli Brenzell
PO BOX #2534
Carrollton, GA

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Tracy Kigumo says:

Kymberlie how long did you have this style in? Can it hold more than four days?

Ruby Black says:

beautiful! and your make up is bomb!

Vicariously Me says:

Your style looks really amazing. I love to see natural healthy hair. Like your channel tfs xoxo

LEE & Q says:

My hair is 4a, every time I try to slick it down with gel it ends up just looking dry after I've tied it down with a silk scarf. Do you know why this happens and what i can do to prevent it?

Darlene King says:

What can I do with thin hair, ?

Akpknuako8 says:

makeup tutorial pleaseeeeee! merci

Valerie Egbuniwe says:

Hey Kym, how long have you been natural? And what edge control do you use,? I'm trying the bun next when I take out my braids it's real nice

Ariane delicieusee says:

love love love

Shay Gee says:

this music is beautiful, you speak well, the hairstyle was explained simply, and you showed all of your products. I like your video and ill be surely looking forward to more

Wolf * says:

Could you list the products you used? thanks

Krazei Kay says:

Yeah it doesn't look 4c! Anyways I don't know the type of my hair so…lol! <3

L Michelle says:

You're absolutely beautiful

tee tee says:

I don't think your 4c but gorgeous.

zion4400 says:

Yass. Your texture looks just like mine!

Drena Fran says:

Love the entire look. Would love love love to see you do a tutorial on your make up

EmpressEyze26 says:

your hair has a beautiful texture and look very manageable. I would love to see how your twist outs are achieved.

Amani Cole-Felder says:

Yes! This has literally been my staple style and method of bunning for this semester. And I just wrap it up at night to maintain for the week!

Unsweetened Black Tea says:

low did your hair to not shrink when you wet it?

Unsweetened Black Tea says:

lovely results

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