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Hairstyles for natural hair that can also be worn in curly hair hairstyles too!

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F A Q:
Race: Half Nigerian + African American
Name: Isimeme (E-C-May-May) Edeko (E-Deck-Co)
Camera: Canon EOS T6i
Editing Software: iMovie
Curl Pattern: 4a/4b
Channel’s Intro Song:

*FTC: This video is not sponsored


cookiewater says:

I can't wait til u hit a mil mama!!

Leola Colvin says:

This gorgeous girl helped me grow my hair by 6 inches within 4 months….Beauty Gang lit!

Tyaunna .D says:

We are kites gang on YouTube so subscribe

Carol Cameron says:

Thank you thank you. I’ve been growing my hair out long.

Wolfpack Brown says:

Yassssssssssssss! queen

Rae Benning says:

Yessss queen!! You are giving me life and confidence to continue to keep rocking my natural fro hair.

We Dullah says:

I love seeing videos like this! My friends who are also natural are always telling me that I need to do hair videos because they want me to explain how I achieved my twist outs. I finally started a YouTube channel after getting motivated by seeing videos like yours! ☺️

Loren L says:

I usually love natural hair but… I'm not feeling it?

Cayla Johnson says:

Omg this was uploaded on my birthday

Aaliyah marie Tv says:

Wow I finally found someone that had the same hair type ad me this video was so helpful

yoli's TV says:

New subscriber!

Bertina Jean says:

Can you plz make a video of you doing that braids

UtyNewbie says:

All that manipulation to the hair

aaliyah Fitzgerald says:

Wtf u put the n ya edges??? They ain't move once

Darius Wiley says:

GET CHO MAN OUT THE VIDEO!!!!! HE'S SOOOO SUPPOORRTTIIIVVVEEE LOL Jk plz keep him in. It's just so nice lol. AND yall SILLY af.

Denae J says:

When your hair is blown out what do you do with it at night?

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