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Winter 2020 Hairstyle Ideas for Black Women

Winter 2020 Hairstyle Ideas for Black Women

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Real Talk says:

Glue on your forehead…cancelled! Period!

The Best of Two Worlds Cat Club says:

I don't think they should have named the video hairstyles for black women because anyone can do anything with their hair so……………………ya

Sadie White says:





Annya Anderson says:

Love the music

TaQuita Riley says:

Click Bait Thumbnail

K Giles says:

I was looking for the styles in the thumb nail and this turned out to be a LONG commercial for Her Given Hair smh

Tonya G says:

Didn't care for any of the looks.

Perma Frost says:

I wish this had links to the original tutorials…. :/

Shanika Myers says:

I watched this video twice looking for the style in the thumbnail

Dee T says:

More details are needed for beginners; name and/or type of products used and type of hair used, time needed to complete, was hair freshly washed and conditioned …..?

Angela Brookins says:

Wow I love protected style love to wear them for at least until my next wash day every two weeks

Angela Brookins says:

I've never like nothing to do with wigs. Never so if it's not my hair it will not be a wig they make me itch so bad EVEN the ones with all human hair

Angela Brookins says:

I would never comb my curls out after taking a few hrs to get that look no way

Sheliena Gibbons says:

Y do people get lace frontals to cut it up?

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