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Natural Hairstyles For Black Women : 100% Product Free

Natural Hairstyles For Black Women : 100% Product Free – I decided to do a Twist Out WITHOUT PRODUCT, a twist out is one of many easy natural hairstyles for black women. My natural hair no product twist out is very soft to the touch and very fluffy. Must see!!


Tina Robinson says:

you had a good result but me without products my hair is more dry and crunchy.

Charmaine Espeut says:

Oh my goodness your hair is so beautiful! 4c hair is the best especially when it gets long. I can't wait to get my hair this length

Seirra Brown says:

i LOVE IT!!!!!!

C Babe says:

Are you going to try the " Water Only Washing" method? It's product free. Your hair is lovely!!

Lola Rew says:

Are you doing the water only wash?

Lola Rew says:

your hair is drooling beautiful! lol

Dawn Michelle says:

I love your results! I just did a no product braid out today and have the fluffiest and softest fro ever. I've been doing water rinses for 1.5+ years yet often with a leave-in. I'm thinking no leave-in is better.

TheChocBeauty says:

I really like it. Will it remain moisturized?

kmaza says:

Your hair is gorgeous!

IamStepfany says:

Amazing Results sis! it looks sooo soft & healthy. Im using so little product…well on my way to 0 products..its best for our hair! Tfs!

Lisha M says:

I also am experimenting with "no products" along with water-only washing! It's been 3 weeks, and I am loving it so far! The twist-out was especially amazing like yours! I love your hair!!!!

geowhit88 says:

It looks great! I tried that once. Loved it until it was time to detangle.

The Dumont Family says:

Your hair looks good as always, healthy and fluffy 🙂

Vania Hughes says:

like it. it looks fluffier. does your hair feel dry since there's no product?

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