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8 hairstyles to wear on Straight Natural Hair * VERY SIMPLE *

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Kayla Magee says:

Thanks for watching ❤️❤️ road to 1k

ItsCierraaa says:

How you get your hair straight like that ?

jamya Braxton says:

You’re so pretty

That_Random_Person says:

would this still work, if your hair is stiff but still straight?

Tay And Fern says:

Can you please do a straight hair tutorial

antiquevenom says:

For my straight haired naturals, make sure you don’t use water based gels or edge control.

Kay Lauren says:

Lmfao her hair is short, y’all must be bald headed

Army ForeverBTS says:

You hair is short. It's like medium length/short hair. I'm only saying this because these sistas in the comments.

Jada elsie says:

this was helpfulll

Kalen Coble says:

GIRL your hair is not short what in the worlddd. and i do feel the same way because i got my hair flat ironed yesterday and i have a lot of split ends so most of it got cut off and my hair has never been this short beforeee. i just wanted to cry once she finished cutting it but i was like c'mon now dont cry. and i also got chestnut and honey blonde highlights!! i came to school today and everyone was like oo i like ur hair and "wHy'D yOu CuT iT"

AkilinaD Menace says:

She’s really pretty, but some of these styles is a no, especially with non even short hair, but girl rock what ya got!

GamingWithMish TM says:

Your hair is beautiful, and yes it is short but it’s still pretty!

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