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Fluffy + Soft Afro Natural Hairstyle #Easy | Naptural85

My easy and quick technique to get a soft, fluffy, and moisturized afro natural hairstyle! Xo! Nap

Hair Oil Recipe

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elmohead says:

I have never seen an afro in real life. I have so many questions…

kapparhotau181 says:

i tried this style with miss jessies coily custard and it was an epic fail. my shrinkage was so bad it looked like I did a big chop. i couldnt wait for wash day

Shay Jones says:

I love rocking my fro around town- not for the timid!

Ldy Della says:

Great technique. All the fro without ripping through your hair.

Eldeena Ford says:

I took a chance and stretched my hair and it starches it out very well I like the way my hair looks

ccsbyevelyn says:

Super gorgeous!!

Quirky Jersey Girl says:

My hairstyle for Christmas 2017.

Chaulta D. says:

I liked it when you just opened the twists. Coulda just picked, shaped and styled..

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