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Natural Hairstyle Cute Simple Sleek Low Afro Puff on Short Medium Length 4C Natural Hair Tutorial

Natural Hairstyle for black women Quick and Easy Natural hairstyles Sleek and Classic Low Afro puff on Short Medium Length Natural Hair Tutorial. Please if you like then hit the like button Comment and Subscribe for more Future Videos It’s Free Thanks Praise Naturals 🙂

Product that I used is ECO Styler Morrocan Argan Styling Gel

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Pusheen says:

What the hell-

Ariana Arcoiris says:

How much do it shrink?

Ariana Arcoiris says:

How much do it shrikige?

Naturallyhappy jo says:

Love this hairstyle. Creative and classy

Nappy_head_ZE says:

I’m sorry I didn’t like it but I’ll still leave a like

Seasoned Sofisticate says:

Not sure why people are coming for those who don’t like this hair “style”. She did ask for those who watched the video to post what they think about it and she didn’t ask for only those who like it to comment. I too personally don’t think it looks so great. I think she should have combed her hair out more and hid the bobby pins better but that’s my thought and my opinion which she asked for. I also think that with her hair type, perhaps wet it, twist it with a styling creame or butter, put rollers on the very ends to give the hair some shape and curl, sleep overnight with it, take it out in the morning style it like this and it would look 100% better. These are my opinions, which she asked for so please, don’t come for me if you happen to not agree with MY opinion. In the end, our viewing her video and commenting is only helping her bottom line so we’ve all only helped her at the end of the day. Keep growing your channel Praise Onaturals, All the best to you. Oh, yeah…and an Afro puff is traditionally hair that is placed in a ponytail and ‘puffed’ out, like an Afro. This style is puffed but it’s not what is considered an Afro puff.

Soye Abam says:

I love all ur videos especially d deep conditioning

PJ Moneybags says:

Decorative hair pins or barrettes would be cute , may be cute for little girls natural do. Or cover up pins with hair.

Chrissy Renee says:

Exactly df is this

chasity nicks says:

You need to stop that's hella ugly

Olivia Potter says:

no sweetie its not okay i hope she didn't leave the house

Alyy says:

How long is your hair… I want this to be my transitioning goal length

mella incoom says:

its a nice style though it would have looked better if d hair wasn't shrunk
..I love it

Shenice Narcis says:

Its a nice hairstyle but I wouldn't do it!

Donna Carrydice says:

Looking good

Kelli Green says:

I'm curious: what is the feedback from the brothers on natural hairstyles like this. I'm still learning to embrace my own.

theheroinmother says:


Jaempress Francois says:

not bad but not good

LaSha' Bland says:

im oh so late lol but this is tooo cute ! this also helped me start my butterfly praid ive been wanting to do for like … EVER !! thanks

Kenyona Maddox says:

I actually like it. It's simple n not hard to do Imma try it

Naomi Walters says:

What the heck is this style I thought she was doing a bun

Heather Miller says:

I can't with all the comments! Lol! Leave her alone

Joan N Kyce says:

I liked your hair. But can you give me a way ho to make my hair grow longer?

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