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It’s time to head back to school now and some of you may be wondering what cute ‘dos you can rock. This tutorial shows you how to get 4 cute looks! I incorporated the hairstyles many of y’all have requested. Leave any questions you may have in the comments below!

Liked the tribal book bag in the video? Here are some similar ones:

Tribal Heels: The British designer has some of the dopest designs I’ve seen on heels. Make sure you show your support for a young entrepreneur!:)

INSTAGRAM: Chime Edwards
FACEBOOK: Chime (HairCrush)


Alesha Spencer says:

As gorgeous as this is this isn't short/medium length hair

Elizabeth Mureithi says:

She has nice hair and she pretty too

discolady2 says:

Her hair is thick thars good

Betty Ozogbuda says:

This is not short/medium hair

Lady Gemini says:

The model is beautiful love the smile

Sarah Oh says:

She is so pretty and I love her hair

Michaela VelMartin says:

love it! thanks for sharing

Mr.PotatoHead Kawaii says:

She looks like Tiara from Princess and the frog!!!!

Housseix says:

finally someone with my hair

Nakaggwa Joanita says:

That was so nice

MiixedShaee says:

I loved the mohawk

mariaigbo says:

I really like them but any day I went to school with one of them I got laughed at

It’s_Chelzz Boutique says:

She has nice hair

MD says:

Black girls can grow log hair too

Cleo Charlery says:

Girl your sister is pretty

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