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THE 10 MINUTE TWISTED UPDO | Natural Hairstyle


I'm Not A Weeb You Normie says:

You're a dumb ass bitch

Precious Kisses says:

This is a stole video…. Its a damn shame, that I work hard on my video content and ppl like you just steal it from others, SM. You are trash.

Krystal Thomas says:

This is cute, but not many people can do this style.

Lane Jones says:

Our hair is so beautiful why do we hate it so much ! Thank you for the video trying to get my natural back

Tori Clark says:

Report it itll get taken down. Gotta ask for permission to do this. You could do a hair tutorial yourself and base it off her VIDEO

MsAmazon511 says:

WTH is going how he get her stuff omg horrible

Shanika B says:

What in Jesus slippers going on here?!?!

Living Gluten Free says:

My last name is MILES…☺️☺️

Tee Jay says:

@thechicnatural This person is stealing your content and trying to pass it off as their own. I’m not sure how they though they could get away with it but please report them so that this phony “channel” and it’s creator can be taken down.

Island Girl says:

Wow, didnt know you could use someone else's video!! SHAME on you!!!

Natural.ja.twysts says:

Is this page new cause I could've sworn I was subscribed to chicnatural all these years?

Calisa Hardy says:

This has been in my "watch later" que for weeks-only to find out its not even yours?! Ughh!

Island Girl says:

Pretty until the end with that Darn ECO Styling Gel…. Harsh Ingredients and so drying to the hair!!!!!!

Tranesha Sight says:

What’s with the sound

Sherry Jimerson says:

Everybody knows this is not you! This is TheChicNatural!

Vick Mukendi says:

The chic natural it her,she is chic natural,before comment compare them and you will see that she is the chic natural,she just have 2 different names on YouTube

italsista11 says:

Beautiful natural lady, we should all go back to our beautiful natural roots and put the Chinese and White's out of business., Blood sucker's succubus keeping us broke with their illusion of beauty, this is our natural state of beauty.

Dawn Wright says:

Girl that natural hair style is everything! You rocked that!

Kendrienne Brown says:

looks very nice on you

sum sum says:

But her name's on it tho so ppl clearly know

dandilyonz cassandra says:

So you lift this ladies content from her channel and post it to yours, why though?

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