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Amazing Hair Braiding Compilation 2018 – Braid Styles for Black Women #2

Amazing Hair Braiding Compilation 2018 – Braid Styles for Black Women #2

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christene tene says:

The short bob was fire. Im getting that. I know i will look so fly qith that style

Ellice Mccarroll says:


Ellice Mccarroll says:


T's tea says:

I love this

gacha sisster Mahapatra says:

Yeah number 3 was I little good

Jayla Ross says:

I’m always the quietest one in the salon

Dhanusha Selvaruban says:

All Black womens and girls out their does it hurt a lot when someone braids your wonderful hair or are you use to it and it doesn't hurt

Hewan Massaboi says:

wow so pretty

Vadesha James says:

Paris we

Future Esthetician says:


Maggie Pena says:

They do look beautiful with their hair style and all those different braids but they are young doing these braids and later on have no natural hair of their own.

Gamer'S DestinY says:

White African? , awkward

Jenna Alhadi says:

1:26 who's gonna tell her…

Zamiah Johnson says:

If u wondering why they hold the braod down is because that shit hurt periodt

Eve Kutzli says:

Am I the only person that head doesn't hurt when I get braids

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