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#9 How to Choose the Best Hairstyle for Your Face Shape| UNICE HAIR

How to Choose the Best Hairstyle for Your Face Shape? UNICE HAIR FREE TOPIC
The Natural Hairstyles For Black Women UNice Hair Provides.
Choose from UNice most popular hairstyles, and comment which is most suitable for your face. If you are big foreheads, round faces, fat faces, oval faces, big heads, round chubby faces, small head,or long face, check this video.

Following are the hairstyles you can check:↓↓↓
Number 1:

Number 2:

Number 3:

Number 4:

Number 5:

Number 6:

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Hair in the video:
Brazilian water wave 18, 18, 20 20 +16 natural wave frontal

Brazilian natural wave 20,22,24,24+18 frontal


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Purple Hues says:

What are their channels?

Just About says:

Wth? This random channel just stole a video from semi popular youtubers to promote their hair

mary bartee says:

One on the left couldn't talk without her hands

Sky Styles says:

Beat hair style? … or beat FAKE hair?

Tasha Ulmer says:

Didn't understand some parts…too much talking over one another

Big Mama Finley says:

Why is this a fuckin ad

ironcasm says:

My crushes name is Shuanna

Miranda Nwehla says:

My face is short.

Ms. OriginalNature says:

Thanks ladies that was great advice my face is very long. May you can visit my channel. I'm trying to wear my natural hair. Thanks for your help.

Midnight Moon says:

My face is round and square

Jay Gaming says:

I have a long shaped head idk wat hairstyle to do

Sandra Mtooi says:

Your rocking back and forth the camera and then both of you talking at the same time is sooooo distractingly

Asher Koba says:

The first girl (left) looks like seeayana

Zhynini G says:

I gotta booming forehead and I'll use hair styles with a side part or a bang to hide it

Just Curious says:

I think my head is called the "oblong".

Maya Christian says:

You guys are great omg I love you.

Jenairous Nichole says:

I love side parts because my forehead is so huge. lol!!!!!!! BUT link #3 my favorite

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